ACDR has lost another of our Compassionate Care dogs.  GIZMO, at age 16, crossed the rainbow bridge earlier today, peacefully, and surrounded by his loving family.  Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Shanna, Jeff, and Sully. RIP dear Gizmo. 🐾💔🌈

We would like to share Shanna’s beautiful words…Our dear, sweet Gizmo went in for his long sleep today. We are utterly heart broken. Gizmo (aka Gym Toes, Mo, Fluff Butt) first came to ACDR in the spring of 2019 and moved from his original placement in Newfoundland, into my arms in Nova Scotia when we discovered just how costly his care was going to be on The Rock. He was the fluffiest, gentlest most handsomest fuzz butt in the whole world. He was honored by being crowned King by ACDR and Longest Wiener at Wieners by the Sea!  He loved cuddling and snuggling. He also enjoyed lazing about, flopping and snoozing. His few tricks included gazing at us lovingly, whining to be cuddled and acting as an alarm clock to be fed.

It was his sensitive tummy and protein-losing enteropathy that kept him in compassionate care. He was also deaf and blind with a level 4 heart murmur and a liver and kidneys that were failing him after so many years on steroids. But his sniffer always knew when there was food to be had! While spry for the first couple of years with us, he declined rapidly after a series of seizures through the fall. I always thought he’d be a perfect candidate for St John Ambulance’s Therapy Dog program, alas Covid got in the way of his being snuggled and cuddled by rooms full of people.

Gizmo loved his foster brothers so (both the 2 other wieners and the human). He was not fond of the Kitty. His foster brother Finnegan scoped out the Rainbow Bridge ahead of him, and I’m sure will take Mo to the very best sun-puddles. Have the best, most restful sleep you crazy fluffer. We will miss you so very much.

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