Stitch Update – Happy Tail

Many of you may be wondering how Stitch has been doing, a foster that was surrendered last September! Well he has been on quite the journey in his four years, but we are excited to share that after finding him the perfect family willing to put a lot of hard work in, and even more love, he is a very special case that was “foster to adopted” by Alex & Janelle in Newfoundland!
When Stitch came to us, he already had a history of severe anxiety which wasn’t helped by the severe dental disease and the subsequent immediate removal of 23 teeth once he was in our care. After this experience he settled into our care, but due to circumstances outside his control he had to be moved between several fosters, had an altercation with a large dog resulting in emergency surgery and an increase in reactivity.

At this point we knew Stitch needed long-term stability and support as quickly as possible. After much searching, we found a family for Stitch, including a fur-brother, who were willing to open their home and hearts, and who could provide him with the emotional support he needed. He is now soaking up his best life, working consistently with a behavioral trainer, has significantly reduced reactivity and anxiety, and his true personality is shining through.

Every dog deserves a home perfectly suited to their needs. ACDR won’t stop looking, phoning, emailing and visiting families till we find the best match. Stitch is one of many dogs that comes to us scared, alone and withdrawn, but we make it our mission to make sure they ALWAYS find a soft place to land. Everyone, please help us share the love. Congratulations to Alex, Janelle, Frank, and Stitch!

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